High School Motivation

Last week, I spoke to a group of 16 high school seniors in an internship program all thriving to be elementary teachers.  It turned into a motivational speech on the premises when you own your story, you will empower yourself to be an effective teacher/person because it gives you the awareness to helping others.  At the end I had them write down their proudest moment- not one of them wanted to share because they felt it was nothing to be proud of.  I took them up and read them to the class.  All of our jaws dropped.  The girls had no idea the strength each one had because we do not celebrate or talk about the amazing things we each do EVERYDAY. 

Everyday, I see and hear people talk and do amazing things but they have no idea.  We think we can only be proud if we accomplish HUGE things we spend a life time wanting but fail to recognize the everyday small task that build up to it.  Be proud of yourself.  I challenge you to write down, tweet, tell someone, or however you're most comfortable, 3 things you are proud of everyday for the next month in November.  I challenge you because I am taking on the same challenge.  

Enjoy your journey.  It is yours and only yours so make it one you are proud of...