My name is Rachel Smith and I am the founder of Proudest Moments, which is an inspiration from our online store, Pride Socks.  A couple years ago I was riding my bike to downtown Austin with a backpack full of socks.  I did not know exactly what I wanted to do with the socks until I hit MLK Blvd.  It was then I realized I wanted to exchange a pair of socks for stories.  

I firmly believe everyone has the power within themselves to achieve or accomplish their dreams.  If you are proud of who you are, or if you have someone, who believes in you, you can and will accomplish your dreams.  I also know we can go through rough patches and dreams seem impossible.  If this is your case, read the stories, watch the videos and let the moments of others carry you to the next place of where you need to be to chase your dreams!  Or if you are riding cloud 9, please share your story with us so we can share it with the world and use your energy to help others back on their journey to their happy place.    


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